Monday, April 28, 2014

The SFR Brigade presents - Mirror Image

With Mirror Image just launching, I thought I would share one last snippet just in case you were on the fence about it. This is the first in a sci-fi romance series about a brilliant woman named Maddie who finds out she's a clone. Now she must work with her counterpart, Mack, to protect Earth and each other. This is Mack and her second-in-command/husband, Jackson, talking to Maddie as more squad members show up.

"Okay then, what is the plan?" Maddie asked, dismissing Mack's smirk.
"Plan?" Jackson asked.
"Yes. You brought me here. Now what?" Maddie asked.
"The plan is to keep you here and safe until this blows over," Mack said.
"And then what? I just go home?"
"I hope so," Mack said, frowning.

Maddie didn't have time to contemplate Mack's frown. To Maddie's surprise, Seth and John Brooks joined them at their breakfast table. Maddie stared down at her breakfast plate, knowing her face would turn red if she looked up. How were Seth and John here? Does that mean that Logan is here, too? Were they a part of this organization?

This must’ve been what Mack meant by the news of her date being interesting, Maddie thought.

"Wow, this is surreal! No offense, Mack," Maddie heard Seth say.
"Trust me, I know what you mean," Mack said.
"Hi," Maddie heard John's rough, yet gentle voice say.
"Hi," she responded, still not looking up.
"I'm John. This is my brother, Seth," he introduced.
"I know."
"You do?" Seth asked.
"How?" John asked.
"Um, from work?" Maddie's voice shook as she looked up, meeting Seth's gaze.
"Oh! That's right. For a moment there, I forgot you work with our clones," Seth warmly said.

Maddie chewed on her bottom lip then looked back down at her plate. Somehow this did not seem the time to admit she was close to dating one of them.

"Seth, John, and their brother Logan, are on my team. Seth here is one of the best pilots we have," Mack informed her.
"It's a pleasure to meet you, Madison," John said.
"Maddie,” she corrected, finally looking up at him.

She had not anticipated how she would feel once she actually met his blue eyes. Maddie froze for a moment, her heart skipping a beat. It felt like she was seeing him for the first time. The hair on her arms stood on end as she felt like she had been struck by lightning. A brief moment of surprise reflected in both of their eyes before they recovered.

John flashed her a crooked smile, showing a little teeth. "Maddie."

Maddie couldn't help but smile back.

Mack looked over at Maddie, then at John. She raised her eyebrow then nudged Jackson.

Jackson nodded, seemingly in agreement.

Maddie shrugged, not sure what their silent communication seemed to be about. She looked around the cafeteria, noticing many people greet Mack warmly as they passed by the table. Then she noticed that those who greeted Mack looked at her warily.

"You are the first clone to be here. It's not you. It's the prospect of coming face-to-face with yourself that's a little daunting," Mack explained, noticing the look on Maddie's face.

 Maddie looked around the cafeteria with renewed interest and realized there must have been a clone for every worker in the room. She shuddered at the thought.

"Exactly," Jackson said at her reaction.
"So you've never met your clone?" Maddie asked.
"Of course not. The clones are created so our lives, or some resemblance of our lives, could continue. We're not supposed to interact."
"I guess that's true. How did all of this come to pass?" Maddie asked.
"Are you done with your breakfast?" Mack asked.

Maddie nodded, pushing the tray away.

"Then let's go."


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