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Liza O'Connor's Lady Anne: Ruined

Lady Anne
Book One

If she allowed them to use her body, then she would receive her money. If she fought them, she would be brutally beaten and receive no money.
Recognizing her need for help, her friend, Tom, helped her establish a very fine private club at her estate. With the money she received from the club games, she begins to build a fine stable of horses for the gentlemen to ride.
When the Marquis de Coeur dies, Anne celebrates with her gentleman. While she will have less money, she is certain her life will be better now.
She couldn’t be more wrong...

Lady Anne smiled at the four gentlemen seated on their horses, all poised for her to start the chase. Her brother’s face betrayed a fierce determination to help her win. He gripped his reins so tight, his knuckles had turned white. She wished David could relax and enjoy life on these pleasant occasions. At seventeen, he was too young to be such an old man.
She did not worry about the Earl of Carlington, Serge was blessed with looks, charms, and money. He had been born with a silver spoon in his mouth. When her friend, Tom, first brought him into their club, she thought the earl impossibly arrogant. However, over time she humbled the grand lord and to her surprise, she’d lost her heart to him.
“Don’t look so confident, Serge. Your new horse still isn’t a match for mine,” she chided.
Serge smiled. “He may prove to have more determination than you imagine.”
Recalling their conversation after making love the prior night, Anne suspected Serge wasn’t talking about horses anymore. Last night he had shocked her with a marriage proposal. She had tried to hide the pain his request caused her as she forced a smile to her face. “The law frowns on bigamy.”
He shook his head and his eyes grew more intense. “But if you were a widow?”
If she were a widow…nothing would change. She would still be a whore. She stroked his face. “Because I care greatly for you, I would graciously have to decline, even if I were a widow.”
“But why? You must know I would treat you like a queen.”
His words hurt more than he could imagine, but she refused to succumb to her heartbreak. Instead, she strengthened her smile and stiffened her spine. “I cannot be a queen. I no longer qualify for even being a lady. You are the Earl of Carlington, and you deserve better than a disgraced widow of shameful repute.”
He had persisted in his argument, but she staunchly refused to give in to his demand for a promise. She loved him too much to destroy his life.


About the Author

Liza O’Connor
Liza loves to write books. In fact, she has over fifty novels now and she still continues to publish a book a month. She writes in a multitude of genres: Romance, Comedy, Historical, Paranormal, Suspense, Sci-Fi, & Western. She even has one Young Adult novel.

Thus, her books have a wide range of heat from mild to adult language and situations, that are determined by what seems realistic for each of her many stories. 


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A Better Life by Liza O'Connor

A Better Life
By Liza O’Connor

Angel’s husband had barely left the country when the first attempt on her life occurred. Fortunately, Anna was at home and shot the man as he entered through a window that for some reason had been left open. Now a dead body chilled in the basement freezer.
Angel had always known this day would come. She had lived in fear of this day for the last five years. The terrorists had somehow discovered her identity. By the sounds of gunshots outside the house, she knew her nightmare was far from over. Any thought of her living a normal life from here-on wasn’t possible. God only knows what would happen to her and her children now.
Discover the new life of the extraordinary forensic auditor named Angel. She can locate improperly acquired money better than anyone. Unfortunately, that puts her and her children at serious risk.
Nor does her love life work nearly as well as her forensic abilities. Men are constantly using, then betraying her. Still, she remains positive and optimistic. Now that she is officially dead, living deep within a mountain, she hopes she and her children will be safe.
To her surprise, the biggest threat is not from criminals, but her husband, who has ordered her to be killed.

Early the next morning, Davenport led her to Director Hamilton’s office. Braddock was there as well, looking calm, which she hoped meant that he’d successfully convinced Hamilton to go along with her plan.
“Davenport, stay,” the director ordered. He came around his desk and studied the skin around Angel’s mouth. He sighed softly. “Dr. Hanson says the skin will heal better if you don’t talk, so only move your head to answer yes and no. According to Braddock, you wish your boys to go live with Tom until he can return.”
She nodded.
“Sir, this has been tried before, and it doesn’t work,” Davenport stated.
“What do you mean it’s been tried before?” Hamilton challenged.
“When she was in the other facility. She broke down within a month without her son.”
Angel shook her head and mimed for pen and paper.
Hamilton located the required items and watched her write a rather long-winded response. Upon reading it, he handed the tablet to Davenport. “Do you agree with the facts she states.”
“Yes, I just don’t think this situation is that different.”
She grabbed the pad and wrote: Huge Difference!!!
“Well, something’s got to change.” He focused on Angel. “Your team gave up last night soon after you left. Without you, they weren’t making any progress. So, I allowed them to return to their rooms for a good night’s sleep.”
She wrote: Help me save my boys so I can focus on our problem.
“We’ll move them over now.”
“What about the contamination risk?” Davenport challenged.
Braddock spoke. “Angel gave a sound argument against that possibility. She doesn’t believe Tom was ever contaminated with anything.”
Davenport stared at Angel. “Are you willing to bet your sons’ lives on it?”
She nodded. She hadn’t expected Davenport to argue like this before his boss and the director. This wasn’t like him.
Hamilton frowned at Davenport but then focused on Angel. “There’s only one bit of concern. You told your boys you were doing a project to bring Tom home faster. So, he’s probably going to want to know what you meant. I do not want Tom to know his son’s life is in danger.”
She wrote on her tablet: I agree.
“Then if I allow you to visit Tom and the kids via a video link from my office each evening, with me observing, I have your word you won’t mention Toby and his current situation?”
His question caused her to smile, which hurt like hell. She sobered and nodded as she retrieved her salve and placed it on the places that hurt.
“Sorry, I hadn’t considered the consequences of giving you good news. Well, since you cannot talk right now, the visits won’t begin until you can. Does that sober you up?”
With a heavy sigh she nodded. That definitely took the wind out of her happiness.
She then wrote: Can Tom determine if their teacher is a problem?
“Yes. He will have to remain out of the camera view, but his assessment will be considered, along with yours, when assessing our options. Trust me, Angel. I want your boys to grow up happy and sound. We are completely on the same side here.”

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