Friday, May 6, 2016

Mirror Image is now free!

Thank you to everyone who let Amazon know Mirror Image is now free. We did it! Pretty fast too. Soon, Midnight Rose Publishing will have its launch so expect tons of news to be coming in a few short weeks.

Thanks again!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Help me make Mirror Image free!

Hi, everyone. I need your help! I'm trying to make Mirror Image perma-free and Amazon needs some persuasion. What I need everyone to do is go to the Amazon link and scroll down to where my author bio is. Right above is a link that says 'tell us about a lower price' and report Mirror Image free from Smashwords , Kobo and Barnes and Noble. I appreciate your help! Doing this once a day should help Amazon reduce down within a month or so. Thank you!

*update* also use iTunes and Indigo to report.

As a thanks, I'm giving away a free copy of the paperback. Enter here:

Monday, April 25, 2016

Happy birthday, Mirror Image!

Mirror Image is now two years old! Midnight Rose Publishing is celebrating with a brand new cover and updated synopsis!

Madison Mackenzie Rhodes has a comfortable life with a daily routine. When her life is disrupted by an unexpected stranger, she learns there is nothing typical. Her entire world is turned upside down when she finds out that she is a clone, created to hide the secret that we are not alone in this galaxy. Her counterpart, going by the nickname Mack, works for the Intergalactic Security Commission, which works with a coalition of other planets that protect each other and create technology. As if that wasn’t enough, she can’t stop thinking about John Brooks, one of Mack’s teammates. When an enemy rises from within the ISC that targets both Maddie and Mack, they must work together to save their lives as well as the planet.

With everything changing, and now with her heart involved, saving the world might be the easiest part of it all.

Well, what do you think of the new cover? Mirror Image is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble for $.99.

Also have big news! The first two books in the Amethyst Chronicles are now available together in paperback! Amethyst Chronicles: Vol 1 is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble for $13.99.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Multiple Universes

The older I get, the more I contemplate the multiverse theory. For those not familiar (or maybe don't watch Family Guy) a multiverse is the hypothetical set of finite and infinite possible universes, including the universe in which we live. It's pretty popular in sci-fi. The idea of parallel or alternate universes. My lovely friend Liza (and fellow writer) believes in it and the more I talk with her and research, I am starting to as well.

So if meta-universe is real, that means that for every action I have done on this earth, there is another me in another dimension that has done the opposite. There's a me that joined the Air Force straight out of high school. There's a me that never moved out of Charleston. That me settled for a man because she was ready to be a mother. She's probably working as a sports massage therapist. But this is the multiverse. She may not have gone to college for massage therapy at all. There may be another me that didn't drop out from her business degree. There's a me that went to New York after high school, found a voice coach and worked to get on Broadway. Or a me that decided to become a teacher.

In so many of these scenarios, my life is so completely different. How would I be? Would I be more or less the same me? Would I feel complete? Am I happy? I feel like the basis of these questions make for great fiction. Hundreds of thousands of stories have been created off of these questions. I even touch a bit on it in my Mirror series.

Everything happens for a reason. If I hadn't left South Carolina, I never would've met my husband. It's hard to imagine me being happy with anyone other than him. Each of the above scenarios wouldn't have resulted in me becoming an author either. But still, the mind wonders to the other possibilities.

Have you ever thought about what the parallel you is doing right now? If the other you is doing something you wish you were, maybe you should think about changing that. Be the best version of yourself. Now. Not in other dimensions.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Playing catch up

Wow, it's been a long time since I've updated my blog. For that, I am sorry. A lot has happened over Christmas. The biggest thing is Distinguished Press has disbanded. Catrina Taylor and I have split from the company and will be working together on an endeavor we're calling Midnight Rose Publishing. We're really excited for our future which will include bringing the Amethyst Chronicles books one and two together for a paperback shortly. We will also be releasing a collection of short stories I have written from the Mirror series and the complete anthology for the Mirror series should be out later this year. Mirror Reformed will also be releasing on paperback soon.

I had taken some time off to rejuvenate. 2015 was an incredibly hard year for me but now I'm back to writing an incredibly exciting entry in the Amethyst Chronicles. I hope to get it to an editor by the end of this month. 

As a special treat for being away so long, I thought I would include a small snippet of what I'm working on. If you recall, the end of Croceus Poison had Ember Wilson traveling 1000 years into the past and meeting Maddie Brooks and Mack Rhodes. Here is a scene of Ember meeting with Commander Elizabeth Levette.


The women stared at each other for several quiet moments before the Commander broke the ice.

“Dr. Brooks is a brilliant scientist.”
“I know.”
“She’s very important to this agency, and to me.”
“Believe me, I’m aware.”
“This special project she’s been working on. If you are a product of it, what was its name?”
“The Genesis Project.”
The muscle in the corner of her eye twitched again. “How many are you?”
“Just four. Well, five now.”
“And your abilities?”
“Increased strength, stamina, speed, healing, you name it.”
“How dangerous are you?”
“Very, but only to those who deserve it.”
“I don’t trust you.”
“I know that too.”
“Do you want to know why?”
“Frankly, I don’t think it matters. But judging by your demeanor, you think I’m either trying to pull some kind of con or you’re afraid of what you can’t control, which won’t be me. If Maddie told you anything about the Genesis Project, you know what I’m telling you is the truth.”
“This project is highly classified.”
“It still is.”
“And in its early stages.”
“At this time.”
“What does that mean?”
“It means you won’t live to see it enacted. No one here will. The experiment went live five years ago for me and it won’t be duplicated ever again.”
“I can’t tell you that.”
“Cut the crap.”
“Commander, unlike future representatives in your position, I respect you. You actually behave like a leader. Please forgive me for my lack of forthright. I would tell you everything if I thought I could without causing a butterfly effect.”

The hardness around the leader’s eyes softened at her words, but she didn’t drop out of her defensive posture.

“I wouldn’t trust me either in your position. If you want me to sit quietly in a room while Mack and Maddie figure out how to send me home, I will do it. I won’t be happy, but I will comply.”
“Because this is my past. I wouldn’t want to do anything that could affect the future. As I said, I have a lot of respect for you. This is history. Every person walking these halls right now are legends in my time.”

She seemed to think hard over Ember’s words. After a few moments, she nodded. 

“All right, Agent Wilson. You have the benefit of doubt right now.”
“Thank you. That’s all I can ask for, honestly.”
“At least you seem reasonable.”
Ember grinned. “I can be, although I don’t think my team would use reasonable to describe me.”
“If you show any sign of aggression or danger to my people, I won’t hesitate to sedate you, throw you in a cage, or lock you in a tower on the side of a mountain. Whatever it takes.”
“Understood, Commander.”


Just a small bit from Amethyst Chronicles: Past Reflections. Stay tuned for more!


Monday, November 23, 2015

Saving Casey by Liza O'Connor

Why did I put a giant papermache lady part in my story?
When Cass first arrives at her huge white mansion ‘family home’ she is horrified by its outrageous size. When they park in the garage with stalls for ten cars, not one of them under a million dollars, she is sickened by the waste of money. Then when it turns out they require a golf cart to drive through the wide hall that leads to the main house, she’s speechless. However, this is all forgotten when they enter the ballroom.
Here’s how it goes:
She gasped when the elevator doors opened and they entered an immense and mostly empty space with a glistening wood floor. Mostly…but not entirely, and the few items occupying the thousand square foot room caused her intake of breath. Before her stood what had to be the world’s largest purple and green papier-mâché vagina. At the other end of the room was a twenty-foot twisted red penis.
Her father kissed her temple. “Glad to have you home safe and sound, kitten.” He then turned and headed to the elevator.
Why on earth would I think of putting a giant vagina in the ballroom? I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t go over well with the proper socialites of the town. However as we discover along the way, Cass’s new mom, Anne, has been shunned due to Casey’s past stunts. So balls are never held at their house anymore because absolutely no one would come. Only one person in the entire town has remained her friend: Margaret, the mother of the boy Casey accused of raping her when she was twelve years old. Thus, Anne commissioned an artist to create the giant vagina and the twisted red penis to symbolize the anger she has for her husband, since he has also abandoned her, having fallen in love with someone else.
And how did I think of such a thing to put in her ballroom. The strangest of all my friends had a very large papier-mâché vagina on her stairway. I recall it was larger than me. It’s possible they put it on the stairs because it was actually taller than the first floor and the stairwell had more ceiling space.
Why did she have it all? She had been involved in a theatre production of The Vagina Monologue and when the play ended its run, she took it home with her.
Saving Casey
Liza O’Connor
Book 1 of the
Requires Rescue Series
Contemporary Suspense
When 80 year old Cass Goldman learns she has inoperable cancer, she decides to end her life, peacefully on her terms. So imagine her horror when she wakes to find herself in a hospital with strange rich people staring at her. It’s not until the doctor arrives to examine her that she realizes she’s no longer old. She’s in the body of a seventeen year old teen named Casey.
Unfortunately, her new body comes with some serious baggage. First of all, the kid has burned every bridge imaginable. Secondly, those ‘people’ in her room are her outrageously rich parents and while the Dad seems friendly, the mother wants nothing to do with her. The moment they take her home to a horrifically huge mansion, which she dubs Tara, she’s abandoned to the care of the butler.
While Cass is determined to turn this train wreck of a life around, doing so is far harder than she expected. In fact, without help, she’ll end up dead just like the last occupant of this body. Thankfully, her dad has his hunky head of security become her body guard. Between her eighty years of life lessons and hunky Troy’s help, she just might live long enough not to be jail bait.
He grimaced and kissed her hands. “I’m sorry I taught you old math. This is no doubt my fault.”
Cass groaned at how wrong he was. “Let’s just blame this one on God.”
“Don’t let your mother hear you say that.”
“Why? Is she religious?”
He shrugged.
“Because I’m struggling with the image of a religious woman placing a giant vagina and penis in a room that otherwise might be useful as a roller rink.”
Evidently, she’d crossed the line with her comment. He choked and buried his head. Once he recovered from coughs, which sounded suspiciously like subversive laughter, he looked up. “Don’t mention that to your mother either.”
“Which part? The incompatibility of giant sex organs and religion, or making the room a skating rink?”
He covered his face, but not before she glimpsed a smile. “Both,” his muffled voice replied.
Liza O’Connor is a nut.
Not a real nut, but she is prone to being a smart ass at times, and not surprisingly her heroines say odd and inappropriate things in her book, as well. So even in a suspense novel you can expect to laugh along the way. That’s because Liza loves to see humor in the crazy world around her.
Saving Casey was actually the first book Liza published. Having recently reclaimed her rights to the book, she is happily re-publishing it as her 18th book. And because her books sell better when in a series, she using Saving Casey to kick of a new series called Requires Rescue. It will be different from her other series where the same characters show up in each book. This series will be about strong women who are trying to go it alone, only when help is offered, they have the good sense to accept the helping hand, because in all of our lives, there will come a time you need someone else to help you. Being strong doesn’t make us invincible. Book 1 is Casey/Cass’s story. Book 2 will be about an entirely different young woman who desperately needs help before she’s murdered on the streets of NYC. Book 3, well the plot is super unique, and more books will follow.
You’ll be able to read the series in any order you want, but in each case, you’ll have a strong young woman, a guy stepping up to help when no one else does, and danger galore with humor stuffed in anywhere I can.
I hope you’ll come along with me so you can laugh, love, and get revenge.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

A work in progress

I haven't updated my blog since the end of September. I haven't worked on my current project in over a month either. Life gets in the way too much for my comfort.

But rest assured, I AM still working on the third book in the Amethyst Chronicles entitled Past Reflections. And to prove I have been working, here's a bit from chapter one.


Why would she be dreaming? Last thing she remembered was getting the device Dr. Fergas asked for. She was examining the weird looking contraption and then was under an attack. The fireballs were all around them before she was engulfed in a bright light. Her stomach flipped at the realization.

Them. Her and Liam. Only now he was gone. Her entire world had disappeared.

The only thing that made sense to her was if the device actually worked.

“Oh, no.” She covered her forehead with her hand. “Oh, wow. Okay.”
“Is everything okay?” Dr. Brooks asked.
“Not in the slightest. Okay.” Ember rubbed her temples, trying to come up with another way to phrase her next question other than blurting it out. She quickly gave up. “What year is this?”
“Year?” Dr. Rhodes questioned. She exchanged an odd glance with her counterpart. “2016.”

Ember let out a deep breath as her mind reeled. Her head hit the wall and she slid down to the floor, bringing her knees to her chest. Dr. Rhodes watched her curiously as Dr. Brooks walked in front of Ember, peering at her awkwardly. She reached for Ember’s hands, but stopped when her friend snapped her name.

“She’s not going to hurt me, Mack,” she insisted.
“Better safe than sorry.”

Dr. Brooks shot the woman a glare before turning her attention back to Ember. Still, she didn’t attempt to touch again. The soft blue eyes seemed unfazed as she searched Ember’s purple ones for answers. It was time she gave some. Ember stood up, smoothing out the front of her navy blue uniform in the process.

“Okay, what I’m about to say is going to sound strange. I’m not even sure I can really prove it, but I am going to ask you to trust me.”
“Awfully big statement coming from a woman who appeared in my lab out of thin air, but go ahead.” Dr. Rhodes nodded toward her.
“As I said, my name is Ember Wilson. I am an agent with the ISC from the year 3018. I was on a mission to retrieve a device that you invented.” Ember pointed to Dr. Rhodes. “What I found was an oddly-shaped device with a pyramid on top. My team and I were under attack and the device began to light up. Next thing I know, I’m here.”

Both women paused at her words. Dr. Rhodes scanned over Ember’s appearance and turned to Dr. Brooks.

“Maddie, do you know what this means?”
“Yes!” she exclaimed. “Your machine will work!”

Ember was taken aback as the scientists wrapped their arms around each other and began to dance in a circle. They laughed in celebration until Ember cleared her throat and they stopped.

“I’m sorry, forgive us,” Dr. Brooks said. “I know how this must seem to you.”
“Look, I know you aren’t celebrating my misfortune, Dr. Brooks—”
“Maddie,” she corrected.

Surprise rippled through her. Ember felt honored. To be standing in front of this woman whom she admired so much and to be able to call her by the same name her friends and family did made Ember smile.

“Okay, Maddie. I don’t need to tell you I don’t belong here. So if you and Dr. Rhodes don’t mind, I’d like to be getting back to my own time.”
“Call me Mack,” she instructed. “I would love to, but that’s going to be a problem. The device you described is one I’m currently working on, but . . . well . . .”
“Well, what?”
“It’s not operational yet.”
Ember’s eyes darkened. She swallowed the growl forming in her throat. “What do you mean, not operational?”
“It’s not completed.”
“Are you kidding me?” Ember sputtered. “You mean I’m stranded here?”
The two women exchanged another glance. “We’re . . . not sure,” Maddie admitted.
“Not sure.” Bitterness dripped from Ember’s voice. “You two are geniuses. Figure it out.”
“Okay, I know this comes as a shock—” Maddie began.
“A shock? You think this is a shock?” Ember stepped toward Maddie.

Mack pushed the woman behind her, glaring hard at Ember. The action made Ember pause. She could only imagine how she appeared to them. She slowly nodded, taking a step back and pressed against the wall.

“I’m sorry. I’m not going to hurt you.”
“That remains to be seen,” Mack said in a flat tone.
“We know that,” Maddie said, placing her hand on Mack’s shoulder. “We’ll figure it out. Just bear with us, all right?”

Ember nodded. It was, after all, unfair of her to expect them to have all the answers.

Maddie gave her a gentle smile and walked over to the desk, picked up a flat device in the shape of a small rectangle, and turned her attention to the newcomer.
“Okay, then. Let’s start from the beginning, shall we?”

Does this whet your appetite? Sound off in the comments!