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Song Bird by Liza O'Connor

Five hundred years from now, the necessity of population control and a preference for male children has resulted in a shortage of women. Down from the Appalachian Mountains, comes Tory White, an unusually tall and muscular young woman. Unable to read, she is deceived into signing a lifelong contract as a concubine. Entirely unsuitable for the position, she soon finds herself slotted for the ‘beds,’ where few girls live beyond a month. Yet, her honest and forthright manner charms the head of security into saving her and sets her upon a path in which she becomes the ‘heart’ of the world and the savior of man’s future.


Finally, Tory’s time at the Gentleman’s club was coming to an end, and she couldn’t wait to leave. She was sick and tired of being called ‘monster’ and ‘freak’ by the hateful girls. The only person who’d been nice to her was Link Taylor. Him, she’d miss. He was unquestionably the nicest and smartest man she’d ever met. But it was more than that. He really seemed to understand her, and he never made fun of her ignorance or her largeness.
The truth was, she had never met a person she liked more, except for her Grams. And she had feelings for Link Taylor that she’d never had for Grams. She wondered if she might not be in love.
People made a big deal about it in the mountains. Whenever a girl had to marry someone they didn’t want, they’d claim themselves in love with someone else. And sometimes it worked. May Hatchet had declared herself in love with Jeffrey Summers, and at first there was a big fuss because she had been promised to Charlie Smith. But Charlie admitted he loved Anna Summers, and the families all got together and sorted out the couples, so that Charlie Smith and May Hatchet became brother and sister-in-law instead of husband and wife.
Everyone had been much amused and pleased by the whole matter, believing the marriages to be true ‘love matches.’ A few years later when Charlie and May were found in bed together, the Summers family wasn’t nearly as understanding. Charlie was forced to leave the mountain, and Anna, being his wife, had to go as well, even though she hadn’t done nothing wrong, and Charlie didn’t even like her anymore.
Tory had always felt bad for Anna.
“What has you looking so pensive this morning?” Link asked as he sat down beside her on the grassy hill overlooking the lake.
“Love.” She laughed at his look of concern. She explained the nonsense of the Summers/Hatchet/Smith affair. When she stopped talking, he still looked confused.
“People get married in the mountains?”
“Of course. How else would they keep the farms going? There’s man’s work, woman’s work, and children’s work. And you need all three parts to keep a farm running.”
“Why did you leave there?” he asked. His voice sounded strained as if he was upset that she’d left the mountains. He could probably hear in her words how much she missed her old way of life.
“Well, none of the boys wanted me for their wife. They were willing to take me on their farms, but not respectfully. So, when Leroy come around looking for a partner to sing duets in city clubs, Momma said I should go, for there weren’t nothing for me in the mountains but a future of shame and misery.”
“And you think this will be better?” he asked in surprise.
“No,” she laughed. “This ain’t at all what I thought I’d be doing. I was supposed to be singing for my living, but I ain’t done nothing here but get myself in trouble every time I turn around. I’ll be so happy when this week is out, and I can leave here!” She then paused. “Except, I’ll miss you terribly, Link. I ain’t never met a person ’cept for Gram that I like more.”
She had expected him to smile, for surely, he understood how big a compliment that was. But he didn’t smile. In fact, he looked most upset.
“What do you mean leave?”
“I mean pack my bags and go,” she said. “I’m sorry to sound so ungrateful, because you’ve been awfully nice to me. But beyond you, there isn’t one thing I like about this place. I will be very glad when our contract is up, and Leroy and I can leave. And just so you don’t think I’m some stupid-headed female, the moment Leroy hits the other side of that gate and I get my half of the money, I’m going on my own. Leroy only cares about himself and will sell me out any chance he gets. I see that now, and he’s not pulling this shit on me a second time.”
Link seemed more upset than ever. “Tory, only Leroy is leaving in a week. Your contract is for life.”
“For life? Whose life? Mine? That can’t be! Who would hire a musician for life?”
He shook his head as if trying to make sense of her. “They didn’t hire you as a musician, Tory. You signed on as a concubine.”
“A what?”
“A concubine.”
She’d never heard the word before. “Exactly what does a concubine do?”
He stared at her a moment and then he sighed. “It won’t work. We tape the contract signings to prove the girls are not under duress when they agree to become a concubine. I watched you read that contract word for word, myself. You cannot claim you did not know you were signing on as a concubine.”
She sighed. “Can I trust you with a secret?”
He nodded and reached out and took her hand.
“I can’t read. Girls aren’t taught in the mountains. But Leroy says it’s against the law not to teach girls, and if I told anyone I couldn’t read, they’d go up in the mountains and kill everybody for breaking the law. So, I did like he told me, and looked at each and every block of print for a moment before going on to the next block.”
“Which is why you smiled when you finished it,” he said, as if he finally understood something that had been bothering him.



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Leaving Earth by Liza O'Connor

A Warning from someone who knows...
“We all like to believe we are masters of our fate. However, usually it isn’t true. Somewhere, a person exists, sometimes completely unknown to you, whose slightest action impacts your life.”

Billionaire David Ross has created a sanctuary for an alien species that superficially resembles Earth’s black panther. This race is superior in both strength and longevity to humans. David’s plan is to seed a new world with the offspring of these aliens and selected humans. Contrary to the covenants of the project, he sends a special young woman named Jesse to the island against her will. Her arrival changes more than he planned.


Mechal studied her in silence as she studied him. “You are making an excellent start,” he assured her. “Accepting that there is another species on Earth that can commingle with humans is not an easy matter to digest. Most, when they first come, are determined to believe we are just nice people raising mountain lion and panther cubs. Once they set upon this conclusion, then they fight for weeks within themselves as the truth threatens every moment to destroy their created reality. I would not wish you to endure that struggle.”
He carried Tanga back to the crib and returned to Jesse. “I sense no fear in you, no panic. Thus, I would like to give you irrefutable proof that I am the child of an alien being, one that just happens to resemble your native black panther. I do this not to frighten you, for I would not wish to frighten you, but because it will keep you from creating an assumption that slows your acceptance of the truth.”
He climbed upon her bed, straddling her. He sensed her immediate alarm. “Don’t be afraid, I will not touch you. I only wanted to stand where you could see me. The human man before you is a forced shape. I was born a cub, just as Tanga, except my fur was black, of course. In my natural shape, I’m still a cat, but I’m not a beast. I retain all my logic and control, so you have no reason to fear me when I change.”
He studied her a moment longer and then began to change.
Jesse watched as Mechal’s handsome black face became that of a beautiful giant panther. The panther purred soft, relaxing purrs, and then resumed human form. He stroked her face. “Now you see the truth of your new family. Two races joining to create a new and better race. And you are a part of it.” He kissed her softly on the lips.
Her senses must be returning. She had unquestionably felt that kiss. She could see the concern in his face. He was afraid he had gone too far too quickly.
She wanted to tell him she was fine. She was, in fact, relieved that he had proven Mike’s story, so she need not doubt the truth for a moment. Yet, more than anything, she wanted to kiss him back, to experience that jolt of pleasure again. Unfortunately, she remained paralyzed and her body mute.
She could sense his doubt and uncertainty. She willed him not to doubt himself.
He stood up and walked over to the crib. He then looked at Jesse in confusion. “Was that you in my head, telling me not to doubt myself?”
Yes, Jesse spoke in her head. It was me! Tell me you can hear me!
“I can,” he answered. “It is very faint, but I can hear you. My God, you’re telepathic.”
If you can really hear me, then kiss me again, she replied. That way I’ll know it is not just wishful thinking.
Mechal smiled for the first time. It was the smile of a shark with sharp, triangular, pointed teeth. It gave him a sinister, dangerous appearance, but before she could rally any significant fear, his mouth was upon hers, and her mind exploded with pleasure. When he finally pulled back, she pleaded for him not to stop.
“Are you sure you would rather not wait until the paralysis has worn off?”
But I can feel you, she insisted. You fill my mind with pleasure.
“If you grow frightened, tell me to stop and I will try, but after a certain point of pleasure, I can’t stop.”
I’m not afraid of you, she assured him.
“Even if I become a panther?”
I’m not afraid of you.
Mechal growled with pleasure as he removed the sheet and opened her robe. “You are very beautiful!” He knelt and kissed every portion of her body. She opened her mind to him, so he would know her pleasure and not doubt himself further. By doing so, his pleasure magnified and commingled with hers until she was not certain whose pleasure she experienced. Not that it mattered. She had never experienced anything half so wonderful.
When he slid inside her, her mind felt as if it were exploding with happiness. As he pushed deeper and deeper within her, she felt a wholeness she had not known was possible. She felt his intense pleasure when he emptied his seed deep within her womb. He nipped the tip of his finger and then pressed it into her mouth. “Suckle my finger.”



Leaving Earth

About the Author
   Liza lives in Denville, NJ with her dog Jess. Having an adventurous nature, she learned to fly small Cessnas in NJ, hang-glide in New Zealand, kayak in Pennsylvania, ski in New York, scuba dive with great white sharks in Australia, dig up dinosaur bones in Montana, sky dive in Indiana, and raft a class four river in Tasmania. She’s an avid gardener, amateur photographer, and dabbler in watercolors and graphic arts. Yet through her entire life, her first love has and always will be writing novels. She loves to create interesting characters, set them loose, and scribe what happens in a myriad of genres.



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