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As we venture into 2015, Distinguished Press is entering its first year. To celebrate, we are offering all of our titles on sale for $.99! (Just a disclaimer, Barnes and Noble and some Amazon titles may take a little bit to update. Just keep checking if you're interested.)

Mirror Image

Book One in the Mirror trilogy.

Madison Mackenzie Rhodes, Maddie for short, would call her life "comfortable." She works in a call center, lives with her best friend of fifteen years, and spends most of her free time with her family. Her entire world is turned upside down when she finds out that she is a clone, created to hide the secret that we are not alone in this galaxy. Her counterpart, going by the nickname Mack, works for the Intergalactic Security Commission, which works with a coalition of other planets that protect each other and create technology. When an enemy rises from within the ISC that targets both Maddie and Mack, they must work together to save their lives as well as the planet.


Barnes and Noble

Mirror Shattered

Book Two in the Mirror trilogy

It’s been two years since Maddie discovered the truth of her origins. No longer living the ‘comfortable life’ she has become a valued member of the Intergalactic Security Commission surpassing all expectations. Life isn’t easy as the ISC struggles under new leadership. Adding to the adjustment, the new leadership uncovers details that shake Mack and Maddie to their core.

Amid the chaos of what has become, Mack, Maddie and their team are sent off world on a mission that eventually fails, as they narrowly escape with their lives. En route to home their most trusted ally, the Isgurd, delivers more bad news. The team is left with the knowledge that the ISC never existed and the option to repair damage done by the time altering Synth.

Returning to 1965 is the easiest decision they face.


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A Mirrors Beginning: John Brooks

Book One, A Mirrors Beginning

High school drop out, former addict, now fights for intergalactic peace.

Life can be rough for some. For one man, life was insurmountable. One dead end after another lead him in and out of jail more times than he ventured to count. One such occasion changed everything.

Charlie Westlake is a man on a mission to bring together one of the top teams the universe has ever seen. On this trip, he will bring an empty man into the fold. Will he make it?

John Brooks enters the ISC in this, a prequel to Mirror Image.


Barnes and Noble

Amethyst Chronicles: Winter's Kiss

Book One of the Amethyst Chronicles

Amethyst is a secret team of genetically enhanced humans which is Earth’s greatest defensive weapon. Leading the team of super soldiers is Ember Wilson, a tough woman with a huge chip on her shoulder. The team gets
their name from the after effect of the Genesis Project which turned their eyes and even their blood purple.

For decades, Earth has been ravaged by unpredictable weather which began to cause crops to fail. Most of the planet’s food sources have deteriorated. Dr. Clayton Rudo has proclaimed he has the means to save the soil. He has created a weather machine to regulate and help replenish. But Ember knew the truth. He didn’t want to save the planet. He wanted to control it. Amethyst destroyed the machine, but was placed in stasis. Two years later, Rudo recreated the device and has frozen Washington, DC.

General Tom Blanchard brought Amethyst out of stasis to work with an elite Air Force team, led by Major Liam Ross. Tensions between Ember and Liam rise as they butt heads. Can they work together before Earth is completely under ice?


Barnes and Noble

Birth of an Empire: The Beginning

Xarrok Book One

Ranked in the top 25 of Space Opera for the first quarter of 2013 and now FREE

Kala, a once timid Xenonian slave girl, possesses a unique psionic signature exploited by the military to create a powerful weapon of war. Climbing to the rank of Fleet Commander, the compassionate Kala stirs controversy when she pushes for peace in the chaos of the great war.

A skilled but reckless soldier from the opposing Dentonian fleet, Yatrell struggles to hone his unique talents. The skills and abilities that help him become the formidable leader are the same that may be the undoing of his entire planet.

Brax left his clan when his psionic ability surfaced. A gentle giant, he has become an exceptional fighter whose only weakness is his desperation for acceptance.

When the three are reunited, they become a dynamic force…and the key to peace.

Barnes and Noble

Birth of an Empire: Consequences

Xarrok Book Two

Difficult choices have been made, and difficult choices result in difficult situations. When the truth is revealed, where will Yatrell stand? What will he face when confronted with the reality he never wanted to know?

Can Kala persuade two governments that peace is a viable option? Will a truce open options she believed lost?


Barnes and Noble

Birth of an Empire: Homecoming

Xarrok Book Three

New allies, old enemies and the opportunity to find peace lead this team through the hard path to a new home.

Leaving everything behind was only the first step to finding home. Everything that comes after for the Children of Promise and the fleet they lead proves to be the most challenging.

Kala finds herself faced with the protection of every member of the fleet, or letting Yatrell down. Neither option is acceptable. She makes a sacrifice that becomes the most terrifying choice she has ever lived with.

With personal knowledge of what Kala is facing, can Anara lead the rescue mission? Will they extract Kala before it's too late? Will Yatrell's bond with Kala stop him from being able to rescue her? Will they find home and be able to leave old scars behind?


Barnes and Noble

Birth of an Empire: The Fall

Xarrok Book Four

As the new empire rises, another must fall.

Death was not the end they hoped it would be. Yatrell, Kala, and Brax must return to the place they were once rescued from. This time their return comes at a price no one should have to pay.

In the end the future of Xarrok rests in the hands of those lost.


Barnes and Noble

Below the Surface

 Xenonian Origins Book One

Merx Tol, a resistance fighter, strives to balance life, his empathic sense, and the protection of his people under his mother's leadership. Everything he desires changes the day Henessa Sar, a young woman presumed dead, appears among the debris of a supply truck.


Barnes and Noble

 Change by Design

 Xenonian Origins Book Two

Tired of watching young lives being thrown away due to bureaucratic obstacles, Kei Salin resigns from a position she's worked hard to reach. At the time she does, an unexpected source approaches her about a secret she's kept hidden.

With her future, and possibly her life in the balance, she sets out to find answers, but is instead faced with a decision: Save innocent lives or save her own.


Barnes and Noble

Mind Tricks

 Xenonian Origins Book Three

Keydra Tan her her roommate Zetra have it made. They have their degrees from the university, and have been accepted into their specialized military training programs of choice. With some time between classes the friends enjoy long walks, flirting, and a meal at the most posh restaurant on Xenonia.

When their relaxing waiting game yields a mysterious stranger willing to stalk them into the military training facility things become terrifying. Can Keydra stop this man before her best friend is shot? Is she ready to do the unthinkable? Or is it all in her head? 

 Barnes and Noble

Through Anguish

 Xenonian Origins

Zaren Rixx is a man in turmoil. He's lost his wife and child and yearns to join them at peace. With pain as his guide, he refuses to accept that his family is no more. In his mind, he has nothing worth living for and strives to cease his existence, much to the chagrin of those within the village.

He struggles with his insecurities, unable to accept the lot that life has dealt him. His loved ones do their best to bring him out of his slumber, yet his stubbornness refuses to give up its claim upon his melancholy. He has no wish to deal with the world outside.

When given a task for the village, he is stirred to re-examine the foundation of his own hearts. He finds his desire to serve again and soon Zaren realizes there is more to life than the pain he has lived with for so long. With war on the horizon, he knows he'll need to become the warrior he once was. To do that, he'll need to let go of the world he knew. Forced to make a decision that will forever change him, Zaren's only hope lies in holding fast to the memories and love found deep within himself.


Hellfire Trilogy Book One

For centuries, the powers of Heaven and Hell have been at war, locked in a perpetual stalemate. Fifty years ago, the war spilled out on Earth and the last modern age of man ended. Humanity now finds itself at the brink of annihilation, barely surviving in small pockets of civilization scattered across the globe. But even in the direst of circumstances, the human spirit lives on.

Now, in this post-apocalypse, humanity has but one choice: resist or die. In order to combat the forces of Hell, man has learned to fight, training from their youth to hunt the demons that threaten their very existence.
Twenty-five years ago, a demon hunter dared rise against an ancient demon family, the Saligia—the Seven Deadly Sins—and was cursed for her defiance. The curse appeared in the guise of an innocent: the huntress’s own daughter, Ardentia, who had been born with a demon soul attached to her own.

In the present day, Ardentia, now grown, seeks to free her mother from her curse by hunting down the demons responsible. But the road ahead will be difficult now that the demon within her has awakened. Trusting him is dangerous, especially when he can turn on her at a moment’s notice. Others have warned her that succumbing to the demon will be her own downfall.

Now Ardentia must decide what she’s willing to lose: her mother’s freedom or herself.


Barnes and Noble

 Hellfire Trilogy Book Two

After defeating the Saligia, Ardentia thought that her journey had come to a close. With her mother’s curse broken, she had hoped for peace at last. Hell had other plans.

Demons have grown bolder; they strike at all hours of the day, laying siege to the borders of the sanctuary towns, and possess humans to get around the wards meant to keep them out. To make matters worse, there is an even greater threat looming on the horizon. A new power has risen in the north, Belial, the first of four Crown Princes of Hell.

The Crown Prince is ruthless—far more powerful than the likes of any demon Ardentia or Noxius have ever faced. He seeks to travel to the four corners of the Earth and free his brothers, Asmodeus, Leviathan, and Ba’al. Should Belial’s plan succeed, Lucifer will rise and the final battle for mankind’s survival will begin.

No one is safe; not even the defenses of the great city of Salvatio can keep the powers of Hell at bay. Belial’s reach is vast, extending deep into the holy city itself. A traitor walks within the walls, tearing Salvatio down from the inside out.

Now, it is a race against the clock, and Ardentia must stop Belial before all is lost. The dangers she must face are greater than they have ever been. She knows the journey alone might kill her, provided the demon does not get around to it first. But even the threat of certain death will not stop her.

Ardentia has but one choice—to brave the hellfire and face Belial, or watch her world be lost to the coming inferno.


Barnes and Noble

Hunters' Assessment

 Arcturian Bloodlines

After years of training, they should have been ready for this. It was supposed to be a simple mission: eliminate the vampires and acquire the intel they're guarding. Shane Kantor figured that this hunter's assessment would be like every other test the Hunter's Society had thrown at him and his squad. But he was wrong. Now Shane might just lose everything: his life, his legacy, and worst of all, her.


Barnes and Noble

Shattered Lives

 What would you do if you got the ICE call?

Chasen Collins discovers forever is never guaranteed when he receives a dreadful call that irrevocably alters his world. Accepting the impact his decisions had upon six lives, he must help four motherless girls overcome their grief and find a way to piece together their shattered lives.


Memories of Hel

A Xarrok short story

After a merciless enemy boards her cargo hauler, Captain Kasha Eaves is forced to make one of the most difficult decisions of her life - she withdraws her distress call.

“DCCS Memories of Hel to any vessel within range – this ship is to be considered hostile. Repeat – the Memories of Hel is hostile. Destroy on sight.”

However, her crew's fight for survival and freedom has barely begun.


Barnes and Noble 

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No Angel release day


How far would you fall for love?

Centuries ago, guardian angel Lucien committed a terrible sin. He gave into his own desires and revealed himself to the mortal woman he'd been charged to protect. By kissing her, he condemned himself. Torn of his wings and his angelic powers, thrown down into the City Below, Lucien now serves Satan as an incubus who claims souls for his master from the City Above, and who feeds on the energy stolen from his mortal lovers. Dark, sexy and charming, he's been top of his league for decades uncounted.

Until His Infernal Highness decides to send Lucien looking for a lost angel. Lucien has no idea what he did to deserve such a punishment, and the touch of an angel could destroy him. Yet the challenge and the potential kudos of seducing one of his former heavenly kin leads him on.

But when he finds the angel, he learns he still has more to lose than his already forsaken soul.

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A new burning consumed his body. He wanted to reach out and hold her. Wrap his arms around her, and drown in her kiss. But even as he took one shaky step toward her, the light and goodness within her scorched him and he staggered back a step, one arm thrown up to shield himself.

"Lucien." Her voice washed over him like a sweetly scented summer breeze. He dared to drop his arm and look at her again.

"Miranda." Her name came out as a growl, and he cursed himself for it.

Her frown deepened. "Lucien, what's happened to you?" She took a step closer and he shied away. No matter how she'd come to him, welcomed him, her angelic powers could still be deadly. "Oh, my love, what have you become?"

My love. The words cut him as deeply as the priest's forgiveness. The pain stirred his resentment. She had been the cause of his fall. The reason for his torment. And now she was scolding him for it?

"What I am is what you helped turn me in to." He raised his head, glared at her. "What I am is because of you."

She shook her head. "Is that really what you think? That it's all my fault?" Tears glimmered in her eyes. "I've watched you for a long time now. Waiting for the right time to come to you. I've seen how your existence has come to trouble you more in the last decades. How the tasks set to you have crushed what remains of your soul."

Lucien snorted. "My soul? I lost that with my heart. And my wings."

"No. You didn't. You hate what you do. You sealed your heart in stone to protect yourself, but you can't bring yourself to fully give into the darkness, no matter what."

Lucien shuddered. "You're wrong."

"You know I'm not." She took another step toward him, and though he tried to back away he found himself trapped against the brick wall. She put up her hand, palm outward, as if to touch him. His breath stalled in his chest and his whole body might just as well have become stone. He couldn't move.
After spending twelve years working as an Analytical Chemist in a Metals and Minerals laboratory, Pippa Jay is now a stay-at-home mum who writes scifi and the supernatural. Somewhere along the way a touch of romance crept into her work and refused to leave. In between torturing her plethora of characters, she spends the odd free moment playing guitar very badly, punishing herself with freestyle street dance, and studying the Dark Side of the Force. Although happily settled in the historical town of Colchester in the UK with her husband of 21 years and three little monsters, she continues to roam the rest of the Universe in her head.
Pippa Jay is a dedicated member of the Science Fiction Romance Brigade, blogging at Spacefreighters Lounge, Adventures in Scifi, and Romancing the Genres. Her works include YA and adult stories crossing a multitude of subgenres from scifi to the paranormal, often with romance, and she’s one of eight authors included in a science fiction romance anthology—Tales from the SFR Brigade. She’s also a double SFR Galaxy Award winner, been a finalist in the Heart of Denver RWA Aspen Gold Contest (3rd place), and the GCC RWA Silken Sands Star Awards (2nd place).
You can stalk her at her website, or at her blog, but without doubt her favorite place to hang around and chat is on Twitter as @pippajaygreen.
Blogs –
Adventures in Scifi - http://www.pippajay.blogspot.co.uk
Spacefreighters Lounge - http://www.spacefreighters.blogspot.com
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SFR Brigade presents Mirror Reformed


Here we are for December's Sci-fi Romance Brigade showcase. As usual, after you check me out, click the banner for other offerings this month.

On January 16th, Mirror Reformed, the final book in my Mirror trilogy, will launch. Today, not only do I have a new excerpt to show, but I get to reveal the cover!


The ISC's most dangerous foe, the Synth, is threatening Earth. Mack, Maddie, and their team scramble to come up with a plan to defeat them one and for all. As the planet's safety is in jeopardy, the team will have to put it all on the line, or give their lives in the process.


Jackson and Mack climbed into a flyer toward the alpha site to meet with the contingent of representatives in the ISC organization. Races from across the galaxy joined to meet with them. There were dozens that couldn’t meet due to the distance in the short amount of time Jackson gave them, so they were being represented by a hologram.

“This looks like the Jedi Council,” Mack murmured. Jackson nodded.

Over sixty representatives sat on red cushioned, rounded chairs in a circle. Mack and Jackson stood at the center with a universal translator droid. They took a moment for everyone to get settled before speaking.

“My friends, thank you for meeting with us on such short notice,” Jackson began.
“What is this about?” A tiny voice squeaked.
Mack looked over at the hologram image of Rachel from the Agonahan home world. “Earth is being threatened.”
A garbled voice from a yellow-skinned Senub race grabbed their attention. It took a moment before the universal language droid translated. “By whom?”
“A race known as the Synth,” Jackson explained.

The gathered crowd began to speak all at once at the mere mention of the name. It took several minutes to calm everyone down.

“Surely, you must be mistaken,” a representative from Bespe spoke up.
“If only we were,” Mack said.
“The Synth died out thousands of years ago,” the Bespian argued.
“Always been a mystery, the Synth are,” said a Solarian. “Much we don’t know.”
“If they have resurfaced, this could only spell doom for the galaxy,” Rachel chimed in.
“Bedtime stories,” a Zomhun said gruffly. “The Synth aren’t real.”
“No, they are very real,” Jackson replied. “If you don’t believe me, check your own sensors in quadrant seven. You’ll see their ship.”

Several of the contingents muttered, pulling out their comms to speak with their ship. Mack and Jackson waited with bated breath as the responses began to filter in. Each ship reported just as Jackson had said.

“Seems the human speaks the truth,” the Bespian reluctantly admitted.
“Hu-man need help from Argafforn?” the cousin of the Fabrega asked.
“We’re asking for anyone’s help who can give it,” Jackson said.
A Syareblayn named Murokk snorted. “Help? To evacuate your planet?”
“To fight them,” Mack replied.
“You can’t fight them. You can’t reason with them.”
“So what do you suggest then, Murokk?” Mack asked. “For us to give up?”
“Surrender will save millions of your kind.”
“No.” Jackson shook his head.

A long and loud shriek from a Boshol made everyone cover their ears. After a moment, the droid translated.

“Your people will perish. Do not ask for mine to do the same.”
“Arrogant,” an Eaygrn huffed. “You Terrans are too arrogant for your kind.”
“We should help,” a Qeete named Murrsee stated.
“I agree,” a Setol said. “The Synth will not stop with the Terrans.”
“Do you at least have a plan other than asking us to risk our lives?” Murokk asked.
“We have a few,” Mack stated.
“We understand this is our fight,” Jackson said. “We do have strategies in place for this upcoming battle. We’re not asking for you to do anything we wouldn’t do for you in this situation.”

The room fell silent. The droid translated for several of the alien races. A murmur began in the crowd, growing among the gathered representatives.

“The Intergalactic Security Commission was created for this purpose,” Murrsee spoke up. “What kind of allies are we if we expect you to come to us, but we turn you away in your time of need?”
Mack let out a sigh of relief. “Thank you.”

Several more volunteered their help. By the end of the meeting, more than half of the group offered fighters. Those who couldn’t or wouldn’t assist, Jackson assured them it wouldn’t hurt their position in the ISC.
The hologram attendees disconnected from the meeting. Those willing to fight stayed to go over strategies with Jackson. Mack flew back to Earth.

And now....for the cover!

Like it? Hate it? Leave your thoughts in the comments below! Don't forget to check out the rest in the SFR Brigade hop.

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When Dark Falls tour

Today, I welcome friend and fellow author Pippa Jay to the blog to showcase her latest book: a superhero story set in the 1920s. Check out the contest at the bottom as well.


In a city where Dark Technologies Inc. now runs the show, Kadie Williams has more immediate concerns than the fall of Blaze, their guardian superhero. Almost every morning for the last few months she’s woken up with cuts and bruises on her body, and no idea how she got them. There are no nightmares. No evidence that she sleepwalks, or any sign of a break in. And nothing to tell her who’s been cleaning up after her. As just one of thousands of civilians conscripted to slave away in the labs of Professor Dark, she knew there'd be trouble ahead. But  she never expected it to be so bad, or so personal.


Desperate for answers, Kadie looks to the new defender of the night, the only person who can hinder the total domination of Professor Dark—Nocturnelle. The mysterious vigilante superhero came from nowhere with her cybernetic sidekick Shadow, set on putting an end to the brutality of Dark's regime. But as his laboratories work on a new secret super-weapon, Nocturnelle and Shadow may not be enough to save Nephopolis...or to save Kadie either.

When Dark Falls is an alternative 1920s superhero romance released by
Breathless Press on the 21st November. Add it to your Goodreads shelf HERE. Sign up to my no-spam newsletter HERE to stay up to date with releases, cover reveals, sales and giveaways for all my titles and more.




The roar of the cloudburner flaming into life woke her. The vibration as it powered up rippled through the building created a disturbance impossible to sleep through. No more being roused from sleep by the dawn chorus of traffic or a rowdy neighbor. Those days were long past. Everyone in Nephopolis woke to the sound of fire burning into the clouds, to cast a false darkness over the city. The shadow of Dark.

Kadie stretched...and froze. She stared at her left arm. A pattern of blue and purple covered her forearm, a harsh contrast to her otherwise pale skin.

She shuddered, turning her arm this way and that. Had she fallen out of bed? And if so, why hadn't she woken? She didn't remember catching it on anything yesterday that would have gone unnoticed and yet left such intense bruising. One day blurred into another now, but even so, surely she'd remember hurting herself that badly?
If I'd been conscious. She sat up and examined the bruise. It was the fourth injury in as many nights, and yet there'd been no dreams. No sign she'd left her bed in the night. Would she know if she'd been sleepwalking? After all, she lived and slept alone. Unless she was leaving her apartment to wander around in the corridors...
The idea made her stomach churn too much to consider it. Instead, she swung her legs out from under the duvet. Pale pink flannel pajamas clothed her, crumpled from a night's sleep but nothing more. Her bare feet revealed no signs of midnight wandering. What the hell had happened to her arm when everything else seemed so normal?
Nocturnelle perched on the carved griffin statue decorating the tower's cornerstone, with hundreds of feet of empty space between her and the ground below. Her second skin felt tight. It was a familiar sensation and yet always the first thing she noticed on waking, as if her body needed to remind her of the fact. She stretched and her outer skin crackled like leather. She flexed her fingers, the delicate oh-so-white digits a stark contrast to her black arms. Silver lines marked her left forearm, and she frowned at them. She was meant to be impervious to blades and bullets, and yet somehow, not too long ago, she must have injured herself.

As she rose, her skin creaked. She stretched again, and then tugged her hands through her hair, pulling the thick swathe of black silk from her face and knotting it at the back. Darkest Night forbid it should get in her way. The second skin pressed tight against her forehead, running around her eyes and mouth, cradling her chin. She ran her fingers around the edges, tracing the outline. Perfect. Her body tingled as though electricity danced in her veins, and she smiled. Breathed in the evening air. This was her time.

Viscous and reeking, the night sky hung over the city of Art Deco towers and buildings like an oil-slick. Behind her, the metallic chinking of the cloudburner cooling after a day spent scorching the sky ticked away the seconds like a clock.


The deep male voice sent a shiver down her back, and she turned. "Ah, my faithful Shadow. Ready for another night-time jaunt?"

A figure stepped out of the shadows to join her. He matched her for height; his whipcord frame clad in a charcoal-colored armor vest, black combats, and a hip-length military jacket. When the rooftop lights hit his face, the chiseled jawline showed; his skin a dark tan. He wore a mask over his eyes, but his teeth gleamed white when he smiled. And when he smiled, something inside Nelle set her heart racing.

"Ready and set, Nelle."






After spending twelve years working as an Analytical Chemist in a Metals and Minerals laboratory, Pippa Jay is now a stay-at-home mum who writes scifi and the supernatural. Somewhere along the way a touch of romance crept into her work and refused to leave. In between torturing her plethora of characters, she spends the odd free moment playing guitar very badly, punishing herself with freestyle street dance, and studying the Dark Side of the Force. Although happily settled in the historical town of Colchester in the UK with her husband of 21 years and three little monsters, she continues to roam the rest of the Universe in her head.


Pippa Jay is a dedicated member of the Science Fiction Romance Brigade, blogging at Spacefreighters Lounge, Adventures in Scifi, and Romancing the Genres. Her works include YA and adult stories crossing a multitude of subgenres from scifi to the paranormal, often with romance, and she’s one of eight authors included in a science fiction romance anthology—Tales from the SFR Brigade. She’s also a double SFR Galaxy Award winner, been a finalist in the Heart of Denver RWA Aspen Gold Contest (3rd place), and the GCC RWA Silken Sands Star Awards (2nd place).


Blogs –

Adventures in Scifi - http://www.pippajay.blogspot.co.uk

Spacefreighters Lounge - http://www.spacefreighters.blogspot.com


Buy Links:


All Romance eBooks - http://tinyurl.com/n873eap



Open internationally until the 19th December. I’ve donned my superhero guise for the length of the tour, and you get to name me and decide my talent(s)! If I like it, I may include it in the sequel to When Dark Falls and credit you in the acknowledgements. To enter, please put the name, talent, and your contact details in the comments. Please note - by entering this contest you are giving me full permission for me to use the superhero name without any recompense to you, financially or otherwise, other than the acknowledgement, and you are waiving any rights to the name. You’ll also get a digital format of your choice for When Dark Falls.

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Ultimate Revenge Blog Tour

The Ultimate Revenge Blog Tour


December 1st-December 12th

Featuring Author Dominique L. Watson

Author Dominique L. Watson releases the second book in the Secrets and Deception Series. With The Ultimate Double Cross ending with a cliffhanger, readers are eager to read the follow up.

Synopsis: The Ultimate Revenge picks up right where The Ultimate Double Cross left off, Keri reveals to her husband the ultimate double cross. After spending months struggling with his own secret, Demetrius’ wife reveals her own deceit in the heat of the moment and everybody’s lives are turned upside down.

When Keri lays divorce on the table, Demetrius isn’t having it. He wants his wife back by any means necessary; that is, until he finds out how deep this deceit is.

Revenge and backstabbing causes relationships to get shaky and Demetrius finds himself crossed by the most unlikely source ending with an even bigger dilemma. 

The story continues in The Ultimate Revenge


About the Author: Dominique Watson is a published author/entrepreneur. Dominique has published nine books in the genres of poetry, inspiration and urban Christian fiction, including her most popular series, Concealed Betrayal.  The Ultimate Double Cross is Dominique’s latest book.
Dominique is also the Founder and Owner of Diamond M’press Publications. She’s currently hosting the Author’s Guidance Program which can be found at www.diamondmpresspublications.com   
Dominique was voted as AAMBC Author of the Year in 2014. She’s the owner of PEN’Ashe Literary Magazine. www.penashemagazine.com  
Dominique spends a lot of time mentoring authors and writers through Literary Career Moves.
Dominique can be found on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and Instagram.

For more about the dynamic Dominique Watson, check her out at: www.Author-DominiqueLWatson.com

Follow the Author


Thank you for following this tour. Dominique is giving away copies of her next release, The Ultimate Art of Deception. Want to win a free copy? Simply follow this tour from beginning to end and comment on each blog stop in the tour for a chance to win a free copy of her next release. Winners will be announced on her Facebook page on December 15th!