Thursday, April 17, 2014

Cover reveal

I know. I'm late with my blog update. I've just had so much going on with preparing for the release of Mirror Image next Friday (!)

If you haven't seen my website yet, check it out

I'll have a post up this weekend introducing another character from my Mirror series but first, I wanted to present the cover for Change the Stars, my historical erotic romance, available June 4th from Lazy Day Publishing!

Also pleased to announce even though Color of Dreams didn't make it to the quarter-finals in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, it has found a home with Lazy Day! Details for it coming soon.

Wow...I have two installments of my Mirrors series coming out this year plus two romance. Never in my wildest dreams would I thought I would have four books coming out in one year. Thank you for being with me on my journey and I hope you love my stories.


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