Saturday, March 5, 2016

Playing catch up

Wow, it's been a long time since I've updated my blog. For that, I am sorry. A lot has happened over Christmas. The biggest thing is Distinguished Press has disbanded. Catrina Taylor and I have split from the company and will be working together on an endeavor we're calling Midnight Rose Publishing. We're really excited for our future which will include bringing the Amethyst Chronicles books one and two together for a paperback shortly. We will also be releasing a collection of short stories I have written from the Mirror series and the complete anthology for the Mirror series should be out later this year. Mirror Reformed will also be releasing on paperback soon.

I had taken some time off to rejuvenate. 2015 was an incredibly hard year for me but now I'm back to writing an incredibly exciting entry in the Amethyst Chronicles. I hope to get it to an editor by the end of this month. 

As a special treat for being away so long, I thought I would include a small snippet of what I'm working on. If you recall, the end of Croceus Poison had Ember Wilson traveling 1000 years into the past and meeting Maddie Brooks and Mack Rhodes. Here is a scene of Ember meeting with Commander Elizabeth Levette.


The women stared at each other for several quiet moments before the Commander broke the ice.

“Dr. Brooks is a brilliant scientist.”
“I know.”
“She’s very important to this agency, and to me.”
“Believe me, I’m aware.”
“This special project she’s been working on. If you are a product of it, what was its name?”
“The Genesis Project.”
The muscle in the corner of her eye twitched again. “How many are you?”
“Just four. Well, five now.”
“And your abilities?”
“Increased strength, stamina, speed, healing, you name it.”
“How dangerous are you?”
“Very, but only to those who deserve it.”
“I don’t trust you.”
“I know that too.”
“Do you want to know why?”
“Frankly, I don’t think it matters. But judging by your demeanor, you think I’m either trying to pull some kind of con or you’re afraid of what you can’t control, which won’t be me. If Maddie told you anything about the Genesis Project, you know what I’m telling you is the truth.”
“This project is highly classified.”
“It still is.”
“And in its early stages.”
“At this time.”
“What does that mean?”
“It means you won’t live to see it enacted. No one here will. The experiment went live five years ago for me and it won’t be duplicated ever again.”
“I can’t tell you that.”
“Cut the crap.”
“Commander, unlike future representatives in your position, I respect you. You actually behave like a leader. Please forgive me for my lack of forthright. I would tell you everything if I thought I could without causing a butterfly effect.”

The hardness around the leader’s eyes softened at her words, but she didn’t drop out of her defensive posture.

“I wouldn’t trust me either in your position. If you want me to sit quietly in a room while Mack and Maddie figure out how to send me home, I will do it. I won’t be happy, but I will comply.”
“Because this is my past. I wouldn’t want to do anything that could affect the future. As I said, I have a lot of respect for you. This is history. Every person walking these halls right now are legends in my time.”

She seemed to think hard over Ember’s words. After a few moments, she nodded. 

“All right, Agent Wilson. You have the benefit of doubt right now.”
“Thank you. That’s all I can ask for, honestly.”
“At least you seem reasonable.”
Ember grinned. “I can be, although I don’t think my team would use reasonable to describe me.”
“If you show any sign of aggression or danger to my people, I won’t hesitate to sedate you, throw you in a cage, or lock you in a tower on the side of a mountain. Whatever it takes.”
“Understood, Commander.”


Just a small bit from Amethyst Chronicles: Past Reflections. Stay tuned for more!