Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Dissecting characters (part two)

Some time ago, I posted a blog casting the characters in the Amethyst Chronicles in a movie. You can see the post here. Now I've been hard at work on the second installment, I took a look at my list again. Now I'm wanting to dive a little further and change a few things.

Scarlett Johansson as Ember Wilson

I still stand by my original choice for Ember. In the midst of the controversy surrounding the Black Widow character, I still love that character and the actress, and I still think she would be perfect to play Ember. I think Scarlett could walk the line Ember seems to dance on between woman and solider. She's attractive but still approachable. She's strong without having to beat you over the head with her abilities, although she could. Happily. She's believable as a skilled, no nonsense fighter and can still hang with the boys.
I really like the woman we chose as the cover model for Croceus Poison. My publisher plans on going back to re-do the cover for Winter's Kiss with her. Expect to see her grace the other covers as well.

Chris Pine as Michael Lewis

Yet another one I feel like I got right on the first try. Chris would be the perfect counterpart to our fearless leader. The right balance between friend, solider, and sometimes lover. Although it would be a shame to change those gorgeous blue eyes, I think purple would suit him just fine.

Robbie Amell as Liam Ross

I had changed my mind shortly after my last blog post over who would play Liam. I knew who Liam was, but not the actor who if I was casting the films right now, would play him. And the I watched an episode of The Flash and met Robbie Amell and I knew if I could, he would play Liam.

Liam is strong, proud man and a little self-righteous. He's smart, bold, and sexy. Knows what he wants and fights to get it. He's not aggressive in nature, but has a natural ability to fight. He's more than able to deal with the tough as nails Ember. In fact, he's capable and eager for the job.

Misha Collins as Bryan Morris

Morris is the best tech guy the ISC had ever seen. Smart, quick on his feet, and crafty. May not always make the best decisions, but knows how to follow orders. He has a good sense of humor and is more than capable in a firefight.

I really love Morris and Nova's bromance. This was a hard choice to recast, as I love Stephen Amell, but I had another roll in mind for him.

Damian Lewis as Alexander Nova

Nova is definitely one of my favorite characters. I saw Damian on the TV show Homeland and he just has a way about him. I think he could pull off the funny, easy-going pilot.

I love my cast. I'm ready to start working on the script.

How about you? Would you like to see this movie made?

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