Friday, May 15, 2015

Dissecting characters (part three)

Since I took a look at casting the Amethyst Chronicles into movies, I thought I would take a shot at the Mirror series.

Olivia Wilde as Maddie and Mack

I always said I thought if a movie would be cast, Jennifer Lawrence would be in the starring role. The more I thought about it, the more wrong that statement felt.

Mack and Maddie are beautiful, brilliant, and strong-willed. I'm not saying Jennifer isn't or couldn't play that role, but she's really young. The more I thought about who they are, the more I thought about Amanda Tapping. I just loved Samantha Carter from Stargate. When Sam took over as Commander on Atlantis, I was thrilled. The more I thought about it, the more sense it made. She could easily play that fine line, the other side of the coin. Maddie is sweet and gentle, wearing her heart on her sleeve. Mack is more guarded and forceful. Both are borderline genius. Plus they can hang with the guys.

But Amanda may have an issue similar to Jennifer Lawrence. I doubt she could be believable as the 30-year-old character. I was researching who might be a good fit for Elizabeth when I came across Olivia Wilde. I think it would work.

Alex Pettyfyer as John Brooks

Whenever I thought of John, a professional wrestler by the name of Jon Moxley (Now known as Dean Ambrose in the WWE) came to mind. But then I came across Alex and knew he would be perfect for John.

John is the resident bad boy of the ISC, at least until he saw Maddie. Many thought he was mentally unstable. They weren't far off. He has loads of charm and skills well-suited for the ISC.

Not bad. Not bad at all.

Brandon "Bug" Hall as Jackson Gray

I actually stumbled across Brandon on a bored day. I was clicking through Entertainment Weekly articles and came across "15 TV and Movie Nerds Who Grew Up to be Hot" and he was the first on the list. Can you believe he was Alfalfa from The Little Rascals?

Jackson is second-in-command and Mack's husband. He has an Air Force background which you'll see when his short story comes out later this year.

Stephen Amell as Seth and Logan Brooks

Several of my friends have told me how much they love the ISC's favorite twins. I have to agree. Two men so different yet similar walk a thin line within the ISC. Logan is strong and ready to fight at an given notice. Must have been his years in the Middle East. Seth loves to fly and usually is ready with a joke. Both men love a seemingly out of reach woman (but more on that in Amethyst Chronicles: Past Reflections. Oops. Did I let the cat out of the bag? Oh well. 

Michael Caine as Charlie Westlake

I love Michael Caine. When casting Charlie, the ISC's commanding officer and father figure for most of its people, my first and only thought went to him. He is strong yet comforting. Can hold his own among the highly skilled and forceful people under his command. He has everyone's respect. No more perfect Charlie than him, in my humble opinion.

Sienna Miller as Elizabeth Levette

This I didn't see until Karyn Pearson pointed her out from G.I. Joe. Makes sense to me. Elizabeth was actually the hardest one to cast. Needed someone who could be cool under pressure, tough, yet not have the audience hate her. Elizabeth wears a chip on her shoulder regarding John, Seth, and Logan proudly. Even though she admits it wasn't their fault, she still held her brothers accountable when they got separated as children. Authoritative but not a complete bitch. Yeah, that's Elizabeth.

How does my cast match up with you? Did I miss the mark or overlook someone? Sound off in the comments! Maybe I'll get to work on a screen play. Who knows? I need another project to undertake.

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