Thursday, November 6, 2014

Badass Ember

On November 21st, I am launching the first book in a new sci-fi romance series dubbed the Amethyst Chronicles. I was talking to a friend of mine recently and described the main character as ‘a badass chick with a chip on her shoulder who loves sex.’ That is Ember Wilson in a nutshell.

But what makes Ember a badass? Is it her jet black hair and purple eyes? No, that’s just a description. Is it the way she can handle a blaster gun, melee weapons, or hand-to-hand combat? Well, it’s part of it. It’s all in attitude.
Ember is the leader of Amethyst, a team of genetically enhanced humans who work for the Intergalactic Security Commission. Their name is derived from a side effect of the Genesis Project which turned their eyes and blood a deep purple. The Genesis Project is the brainchild of Dr. Madison Brooks. Maddie actually references it in the third book which is coming out in January. The Genesis Project enhanced the quartet’s natural abilities as well as improvements. Super strength, speed, endurance, skill, stamina, healing, and intelligence. They could withstand several kill blaster shots before they even felt a twinge to their central nervous system. Their natural talents increased tenfold. 

Ember is easily the strongest female I have in any of my books. That’s not something I say lightly. I take pride in all of my female main characters but Ember Wilson blows them all away. She’s a woman who commands respect. Her edges are razor sharp but her strength comes from her core.  She simply is strong, fierce, and deadly. She’s more comfortable leading her team in a fire fight than receiving a hug from her sister. Ember never uses the word love, although she does and fiercely. She does have a soft side, but guards it well. She is a woman looking for acceptance from her father, Earth’s highest ranking general.

She would probably say her specialness came from Genesis, but it’s more than that. It goes beyond physical strength. It’s in her nature. It’s the way she leads her team and protects everyone around her. It’s in her determination to rise above expectations, and the bar is set high. There’s a drive in her to be better than yesterday.

When the idea for the series first came to mind, I wondered if I was a strong enough writer to showcase her. I wanted to do her justice from the image of the woman in my head. But she flowed naturally. Her sarcastic wit made me laugh several times throughout the novella and she never lost her edge. The chip on her shoulder doesn’t define her, but it does drive her to be the best. Writing for her is increasingly more satisfying as I am continuing with the series. I am in the process of writing the second book in the series to launch in April. This is actually my favorite book I’ve written.  I can’t wait for the 21st to get here and share her and the rest of her team with the world. Only then will I know if I’ve truly showcased how awesome and badass Ember really is.

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