Thursday, October 2, 2014

SFR Brigade presents Mirror Reformed

Mirror Reformed is the final book in my Mirrors sweet sci-fi trilogy. For those who may not be familiar, the series is about a scientist, Maddie Rhodes, who finds out she's actually a clone. She is caught in a secret world with her counterpart, who goes by the name Mack, to protect countless other planets, Earth, and each other. She learns about the Intergalactic Security Commission, the secret organization Mack works for. The second in the series, Mirror Shattered, was released in August. The second installment took the team to 1965 to prevent a species long thought extinct called the Synth from stopping the formation of the ISC.

Now the Synth are back, targeting the ISC and Earth. Maddie and the others must formulate a plan to defend the planet over a highly advanced foe.

Here is a snippet from Mirror Reformed.

“No, that’s not right.” Mack erased Maddie’s mathematical equation from the dry erase board. “It’s all wrong.”
“Hey!” Maddie protested.
“Who wants some coffee?” Hunter asked as he carried in a tray with two mugs and some snacks.
The women ignored him. “You don’t touch my board!”
“Don’t put incorrect math on it and I won’t.”
“It wasn’t wrong.” Maddie hastily began re-scribbling the equation. “You forgot to factor in for the instabilities in the protective asteroid belt.”
“I didn’t forget anything.” Mack glared at her counterpart. “It’s right … wait.”

Mack’s brow furrowed as she looked at her own board.

“See?” Maddie placed her hands on her hips.
“All right, so I was wrong.” Mack let out a low growl. “Where is the boy with our coffee?”
Hunter cleared his throat. “Uh, ladies?”
“Finally!” Mack exclaimed. “Took you long enough.”
“You’re welcome,” Hunter dryly said.
“Thank you, Hunter. We appreciate it,” Maddie said, cutting her eyes toward Mack.
“No sweat.” Hunter smiled. “What are you working on?”
“We are trying to increase the range of the defense shields,” Mack explained.
“I thought it was maxed out?”
“It is which is why we are trying to boost it.” Mack rolled her eyes. “Where is your sister?”
“Morgan is finishing the download of the encrypted files from Charlie,” Hunter informed her.
“Make yourself useful and go help her.”

Maddie smiled as she closed her eyes and breathed in the coffee smell. Hunter flushed and excused himself from the lab.

“You don’t have to be so mean to him,” Maddie said. “He’s a good guy.”
“I’m sure he is. Just not all assistants are made equal.”
“Is there something eating you?”
“You mean, other than an alien race trying to destroy or enslave us?”

Maddie shot her counterpart a harsh look. Mack rubbed the back of her neck, her short spikey hair falling down into her face. 

“Charlie said you were his point of contact when we went back to 1965.” Maddie nodded. “I can’t tell you why but I feel like I wasn’t there.”
“What are you talking about?”
“He said Jackson led the team. He only would if I wasn’t there.”
“Maybe you were on a different mission,” Maddie suggested.
Mack’s frown deepened into a scowl. “Time travel? No, the only way I wouldn’t be involved is if I wasn’t alive.”
“Mack, we don’t know for sure-“
“Please,” Mack cut her off. “I know you are trying to remain positive, and believe me, I appreciate it, but it’s an overwhelming feeling I have.”

Maddie didn’t know what to say. She had wondered the same thing but wasn’t going to voice her opinion. She reached out and grabbed Mack’s hand. The other woman gave her a small smile and an affectionate squeeze.

“It’s okay,” Mack told her. “I’m here now and I plan to keep it that way.”

Just a small taste of what is to come in this exciting conclusion! Make sure you click the banner above to check out the other entries in SFR Brigade Presents!

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Pauline B Jones said...

A most intriguing excerpt! Thanks for sharing!

Pippa Jay said...

Oh, dear, must be quite disturbing to suspect your own death.

Ed Hoornaert said...

Time travel, hard science (complete with equations), a guy talking about whether he's dead or not. Sounds cool!

KM Fawcett said...

I like time travel stories. Sounds intriguing...wondering if you were or weren't alive for a mission. Hmm...

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