Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Cover Reveal: John Brooks

On October 29th, Distinguished Press and I will release the first book in my series of origin stories based on the characters from my Mirror series. This is a collection of origin on John Brooks, Seth and Logan Brooks, Jackson Gray and then Mackenzie Rhodes, all leading up to the first book in the sci-fi romance series, Mirror Image.


Before John Brooks joined the Intergalactic Security Commission, his life was very different. Separated from his family, he was in and out of homes until he could make it on his own. His was a life which could've ended tragically until Charlie Westlake intervened. You don't really know him until you take a real in-depth look into his story.

New to the Mirror Series? The first book, Mirror Image, is currently available for $.99!

I love the cover. The child represents his past, the couple in the back show his future. This is a short story full of humor, drama, and a man on a mission to find his purpose in life.

Interested in the story? You have the opportunity to read the ARC! Send a message to or!

Also make sure you join us for the online party to celebrate the launch!


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