Saturday, March 8, 2014

Lights out.

I wasn't concerned when the weather report called for icy rain yesterday. In the four years I've been in my home, we've never had a problem with weather. Occasionally we've lost power but it didn't last an hour, if that.

Image my surprise when I woke up Friday morning without electricity. Called the power company at 8:30 am and got a recording that they were working on it. Checked the website worn the last battery my cell phone had that night and it said or of 70,000 homes they service in my county, 59,000 was without service.

Once the sun set, I started to go a little stir crazy. I couldn't read or work on one of my books. I had just sent my publisher the edited manuscript back of Mirror Image and was hoping to hear back that it was finalized for the April 25th launch. My husband and I ventured out for candles and what fast food we could find.

As the temperature quickly dropped in our home, my husband and  wrapped up in blankets on the couch and talked. When our roommates came in, we found out  we've been talking for six hours. We had no idea.

Today is our anniversary. 11 years together. 5 years we officially married. Granted it wasn't the we originally intended, but it was awesome. Being able to literally unplug without cellphones, TV or other distractions and just be together. The only thing I wish we could've changed was how COLD it was!

I'm blessed to have spent the last 11 years with a sweet, loving, supportive man. Everyone needs time to just be worn one another. ♥

Take the time today to tell someone you love them. Just be.

Power company Wednesday before we get electricity. I'm hopeful for tomorrow. As for now, I'm basking in my good fortune.

And next time I update, it'll be on my new tablet he got me. ;-)


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