Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Pressing forward

Now that November is over and I've won #NaNoWriMo, it's time to refocus back on my sci-fi writings. Mirror Image is complete and will be published as soon as I agree on a cover. I've been working with the ever sweet, talented, and lovely Mia Svensson (follow her on Twitter at TrueMiaSvensson) who has agreed to help me with it.

So soon I will turn my attention to the second in my series, that I have titled Mirror Shattered.  The first/rough draft is sort-of complete. Meaning I have about half of it in my Scrivener program and the other half is still handwritten in my notebook resting in my purse. I am not looking forward to transcribing that, but I am anxious to get back into it and begin my edits. I give little hints to things to come in Mirror Image, but hopefully not to the point where y'all will see things coming. You'll know what I mean when the first of the series goes up on Amazon and CreateSpace soon.

I have written two fiction books, one a crime/romance drama and the other a different kind of romance, but sci-fi is where my heart lies. I love creating new worlds and different alien races. Mirror Shattered is going down a deeper sci-fi road than the first, with the team needing to go back in time (no spoilers) and other things. The third I feel will wrap everything up nicely. I've gotten pretty close with my characters and will be sad when their story is done.

That being said, I won't stretch it out either. Their story is confined into the three books, which is more than enough. As much as I will be sad to say goodbye to Maddie and the others, I won't stretch into a fourth book or a spin-off.

I have several other projects roaming around in my head that I may flush out sometime soon. I had a drama story about a female pirate captain but I thinking about taking it down a sci-fi path and making her a space pirate. The Earth would be a different planet than we currently know.

One of the things that strikes me about some of the sci-fi stories I have read is if Earth is a factor in it, it's always the good guys. Why? If I have Earth involved in this story, I have a different take on the matter.

Just bouncing ideas currently. I'm still in the process of revising/editing my two non-sci fi stories to get ready for submissions. I'll start work on Mirror Shattered hopefully this week.

Thanks for reading!

~K.G. Stutts


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