Thursday, December 19, 2013

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As I get closer to publishing Mirror Image, I'm beginning to ramp up my promotions of my brand. If you haven't already, you can follow me on Twitter @KGStutts and now you can like me on Facebook! This little endeavor means so much to me because not only do I have a page, I have a reason to have one!

I really need to start the edit and revision process for my two non-fiction stories. Tamma has once again graciously offered to help me with one, my drama/romance story called Change the Stars. Once that's completed and I'm 100% satisfied with it, I will start shopping around for a publisher.

Bothers me a little that I have no concept of cover art for it. With Mirror Image, I knew exactly what I wanted, down to the tiniest detail. I had an idea for The Color of Dreams (which you can see the cover on Facebook) but none for Change the Stars. If anyone is interested in giving me a hand with it, please let me know. Once the edits are complete, I'll be happy to send you the story for you to read and come up with a concept.

I've been caught up this week with work and on a new fan fiction. A guilty pleasure of mine is the wrestling reality TV show, Total Divas. So I started to work on it. Anyone interested in reading that or any of my others, here is the link:  

Eventually, I will start transcribing the other half of Mirror Shattered. I know I said that before, but with Mia presenting me with the first draft of the cover for Mirror Image this week, it's time to get started on completing the second in the trilogy. 

And to top it all off, I have another sci-fi story rattling around in my brain. I've begun the slow process of mapping it out but haven't started any of the initial writing yet. Yes, this will be a separate story from my trilogy. 

I guess I rambled/promoted long enough. Till next time.

~K.G. Stutts


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