Monday, March 23, 2015

My Hunger Games

I was on Tumblr tonight taking a break from editing Amethyst Chronicles 2 and I came across someone with a Hunger Games simulator. So I edited the characters in it to include my own. So it was a Games with my characters with ones from the books. I only edited the nameless "district" ones. The result was actually pretty funny and I wanted to share with y'all.

The Bloodbath
Isabella falls into a pit and dies.
Rue sets Seth Brooks on fire with a Molotov.

Day 1
Thresh and Foxface threaten a double suicide. It fails and they die.

Night 1
Dean Lawrence sets Bryan Morris on fire with a molotov.
Logan Brooks dies from hypothermia.

Day 2
Julie Carter dies trying to escape the arena.
Dean Lawrence and Maddie Brooks track down and kill Ember Wilson.
Alexander Nova falls into a pit and dies.

Night 2
Korrie dies of dysentery.
Glimmer overpowers Jackson Gray, killing him.
Liam Ross attempts to climb a tree, but falls on Maggie Piper, killing them both.
Michael Lewis bleeds out due to untreated injuries.
Kimber accidently steps on a landmine.

The Feast
Dean Lawrence, Katniss, and Mackenzie Rhodes get into a fight. Mackenzie Rhodes triumphantly kills them both.

Day 3
No deaths occurred.

Night 3
No deaths occurred.

Day 4
No deaths occurred.

Night 4
No deaths occurred.

Day 5
No deaths occurred.

Night 5
Cato dies trying to escape the arena.

Day 6
Rue sets an explosive off, killing Peeta, and Glimmer.
John Brooks kills Maddie Brooks with her own weapon.

Arena Event
The arena turns pitch black and nobody can see a thing.
No deaths occurred.

Night 6
No deaths occurred.

Day 7
No deaths occurred.

Night 7
Mackenzie Rhodes shoots a poisonous blow dart into Rue's neck, slowly killing her.
John Brooks falls into a pit and dies.
The winner is Mackenzie Rhodes from District 4!
Wow, John kills Maddie, but Mack wins! This was fun, but back to my editing.


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