Friday, March 6, 2015

Musical inspriations

 Happy Release Day, Armada West! Book one in her paranormal series launches today. All proceeds from today will go to the charity To Write Love On Her Arms. For Details, click here.

Recently, I started to think about how important music is to our every day lives. Music helps us when we're sad. It can make us dance. It can hold a memory. Music influences us in many different ways, through every facet of our lives. This is true for authors as well. Invincible by Pat Benatar inspired the first chapter in Amethyst Chronicles: Winter's Kiss. Recently I've been revising the second in the series, Amethyst Chronicles: Croceus Poison while listening to music that's on my phone. Croceus Poison really turns the tide on the series. We've got a lot of angst and a love triangle to contend with.

Now there hasn't been a song that's directly inspired content, this book definitely has a soundtrack for me. I'm not going into a lot of details since we're still a ways until the May launch date, but this should give you a feel for the book and some cool music to listen to.

This is a great song to start off with. It really conveys how Ember is feeling at the beginning of the story. Spike's initial lines also echo Liam and Lewis' thoughts and emotions too, including (one of my favorite lines) "I hope she fries! I'm free if that b*tch dies! I better help her out."

I love this song. First time I heard it was at the end of a fan video for Star Wars featuring one of my favorite characters, Mara Jade. Ember is not in a good mental space in chapter one.

At the core, Amethyst is a team of genetically enhanced humans. The teams that endured and survived the Genesis Project stand head and shoulders above the other billions on our planet. But there are consequences. When one of them falls, what is left in the wake? "On the wings of invention now we hurdle toward our fate as sure as the sunset burns. Collective resignation, evolutionary fate. When will we ever learn?"

This song is very poignant for her in regards to one particular man. Really listen to the lyrics. It's pretty verbatim with how she feels in the beginning.

This is a completely change in gears, and of attitude. Ember may be a badass, but she has a soft heart. Very few people get to see it because she has her guard up. This is a personal song for Ember, to a very special man (and no, I won't tell who.)

Just a sampling of songs which echo within the heart of this book. There certainly are other songs that resonate with scenes or stories.

"The Glory of Love" is one of my favorite songs and I love New Found Glory so I was thrilled when they came out with a cover. So much that John plays this song to Maddie on their wedding day.

I LOVE this song! It's been stuck in my head for two days now. You will see the scene inspired by this in Amethyst Chronicles 3.

This didn't inspire any scene in particular, but I rediscovered Lindsey Stirling while working on promotions for Mirror Shattered and it's PERFECT.

I know, cheap plug, but this video created for me by one of Distinguished Press's own Armada West is awesome and fits with Mirror Reformed. Thanks for creating this fantastic video!

So that's my handful. What are your thoughts on my song choices, or do you have suggestions for me? Leave it in the comments!


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