Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Mirrors 3

I need your help! For a long time, I had considered my Mirrors series as a trilogy. I had an idea for a fourth book but recently changed my mind. What I had in mind actually works better as the third book in the Amethyst Chronicles. Now it's still kind-of a trilogy. This storyline will conclude with the third book (out hopefully in November) but I am writing origin stories for Jackson, John, Seth, and Logan. Mack will get her own as well, but it's a prequel to Mirror Image and will be huge. I had penciled the title for the third book as Mirror Reformed based on the events from Mirror Shattered, but as I sit here writing, I'm not sure it fits.

So I need your help!

Do you like the title, Mirror Reformed? Can you think of a better one? Let me know! Leave a response here either telling me Mirror Reformed is great or pitching your own idea. From this point on, I'll be referring to it only as Mirrors 3 until the cover reveal.


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