Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Cover reveal: Color of Dreams

On August 15th, Blushing Books and I will proudly be releasing a hot new mystery romance, Color of Dreams.

Detective Julie Carter has it all. A wonderful husband, terrific daughter, and a job she loves. She also has dreams in black and gray except for one color, which changes depending on the dream. Those dreams always come true. When her latest dream comes true - and her husband, Aiden, was murdered - Julie is faced with Scott Jordan, the man who broke her heart and left her years ago.

Now Julie must work with Scott in order to bring Aiden's murderer to justice. Secrets began to unravel as things start heating up again between the two former lovers. Can Julie trust Scott again? Can they find out who killed Aiden before Julie's next dream comes true...her own death?


I reach out and lightly touch his shoulder. He surprises me when he spins around and pushes me into a wall, pinning me with his body.

“Let me go,” I warn, struggling against him to break his grasp.
“You weren’t nothing, Julie. You...you are still everything. But I ruined it when I left you. I’ve never even said that I was sorry.” His voice is ragged with emotion.

The intonation in his voice stops me. My eyes meet his, and I all but melt under his gaze. His blue eyes are ablaze with intensity and longing. All coherent thought leaves me.

“No, you didn’t,” is all I can manage to say.
“Jules.” Scott gently strokes my cheek, causing my heart to skip.
“What are you doing?” I ask, tilting my face away from his.

He is so close that I can feel his breath on my neck. My stomach twists into knots as I suddenly forget that I should be resisting him.

Getting excited yet? I can't wait! Color of Dreams and Mirror Shattered both launch on August 15th! Check back here or at kgstutts.com for where you can purchase this thrilling and sexy story.


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