Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Pre-Order Mirror Shattered

Now available to pre-order! Fans of Mirror Image can rejoice. After months of waiting and wanting to know what happens next, Mirror Shattered will be available in all formats on August 15th for $3.99

BUT ...

You can reserve your copy now over at Smashwords for $.99! Not familiar with Smashwords? This is a terrific site (better than Amazon, in my opinion. Oops, can't anger the Amazon gods) where you can get the eBooks you want at several different formats. For Kindle, Nook, iBooks, PDF, however you choose to read. There is also a smartphone app where any purchase you make on the website gets sent to the library on your phone. It's really handy.

Check out the latest installment in the Mirror series, Mirror Shattered, by clicking on this link.
And we're going to be organizing the launch party! Invites will go out soon for the Facebook party. Tons of prizes, grab bags, games, and so much fun! We all had a blast with the first party. This one promises to be even better.


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