Thursday, January 16, 2014

To self-publish or not?

I went through my drama/romance story, Change the Stars, and realized just how dark it really is. This is a story that is far from a conventional romance. Maggie is kidnapped, tortured, and raped throughout the course of this story. But it's set in the 1930s with crime mob bosses. I think some of that is a little expected? Or maybe I'm reaching. There is heavy dark elements in it that I'm not sure a publisher can see past to really look at the whole story: Even in this dark time, Maggie and Dean really do find love and overcome a lot of obstacles on their way to happily ever after.

The question in my head of it being too dark or not leads me to a few questions: do I modify and re-write? Do I try to self-publish? Or should the word file sit on my computer for me to occasionally read and email to friends?

That's a question rattling around in my head. I'm still working through the fiction crime drama as well.

I've been checking into web hosts, trying to find a home. If anyone has a particular company to suggestion, please let me know. Wish that NaNoWriMo had better suggestions, but it's all subjective.


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