Thursday, July 23, 2015

Happy release day, Jennifer Gadd!

Today marks the release of Cat Moon (Were Children book one), a new YA paranormal series from Distinguished Press. Get it this weekend for $.99 here, Join us Saturday on Facebook as we celebrate with fun games and prizes all day. Win free books. Find a new author to love. Great times! RSVP Here.

Emma has big problems. She has no family and no home. She wanders the streets of The Warren, scavenging for her next meal and trying to keep warm. Haunted by the memory of a mother she barely recalls, Emma dreams of being a part of a real family. She is helped in her search for belonging by an assortment of eccentric characters: a friendly shopkeeper and his cranky uncle, the nice woman who runs the local mission, a ditzy cat lady, and a good-natured prostitute with a drinking problem.
Her biggest obstacle, however, is that every full moon, she turns into a feral cat! Emma is one of the Were. She and those like her are ruthlessly hunted by the captain of the Were-Guard, whose religious zealotry makes him especially dangerous. When the sinister Bram Fitzwilliam enters the picture to assist the Guard, Emma is in more danger than ever. Before she finds what she’s looking for, Emma must find a strength and courage she never knew she had. Her journey will teach her that dreams don’t always come true the way you want them to, that people aren’t always what they seem, and that real families can be chosen.

Let's find out more!

Five Facts about this Book:

  1. I got the idea for the book when all the vampire books exploded onto YA fiction, and I wanted to do something different.
  2. I finished the rough draft at a Borders in Overland Park, Kansas. I hope that’s not the reason they went bankrupt.
  3. The story was initially vetted by my younger daughter and her best friend, and after they read it, they created a role play game based on it.
  4. All of the herbal medicine lore in the first book is researched and accurate (but not intended to take the place of advice from your medical practitioner.)
  5. My own daughters’ names are Rachel and Margaret.


Five Things About Emma

  1. She isn’t sure, but she thinks she’s about twelve years old.
  2. She learned to read a very early age. She can’t really remember not ever knowing how to read.
  3. The shift back and forth from human to animal mind causes sporadic memory losses, so she doesn’t know if her memories are real or imagined.
  4. She has a deep moral conscience, but homelessness has made her do things of which she is ashamed.
  5. For all her street smarts, she is essentially naïve and innocent.
Author Bio:
Jennifer L. Gadd is a life-long reader and writer who holds a deep interest in writing quality literature for children and young adults. She writes mostly science fiction and fantasy, as well as hi-lo books for struggling readers. Her favorite authors are Charles Dickens, George Eliot, Jane Austen, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Agatha Christie, Candace M. Robb, Ellis Peters, and Anne Perry. She has lived in Texas, Illinois, and Alaska, and currently resides in Kansas City, Kansas, where she is a reading interventionist at an urban middle school.


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