Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Fools for Love (and giveaway!)

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On April 25th, 2014, book one in my first sci-fi romance series launched. It's hard to believe Mirror Image is nearly a year old. It introduced us to the Intergalactic Security Commission, aliens, clones, and love. It wasn't originally a romance, but John Brooks had other things in mind. Everything changed the moment John Brooks met Madison Rhodes. (Actually, readers of the short series knows it goes beyond that. Or read John's story for $.99 here.)

John was not an easy man to get along with before Maddie came into his life, nor was he someone others would call particularly stable. John had a hard life. Some within the ISC would call him crazy. He was a loner. Prior to joining the intergalactic agency, he used and sold drugs, was in and out of jail, and he literally fought for his life.

It's amazing how one person can turn a life around.

Maddie and John's love story is inspirational. She saved him, made him want to become better for her. And all she wanted from him was him. Maddie has a unique ability to see past facades and see someone for who they really are. John needed that. They overcame so many odds together and continued to grow as a couple and as individuals as the series continued. Keep in mind that Maddie is a clone. She wasn't supposed to be adaptable to change. Clones are supposed to be frozen emotionally and mentally from the time they are created, yet Maddie formed attachments, fell in love, had personal growth, and even became a mother.

Love really can change everything in its path.

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Liza O'Connor said...

Happy soon to be bday Mirror Image. I love you entire series!

Aurora Springer said...

Wow - nearly your anniversary as an author!
Mine is at the end of April too.

Corinne Elletson-Kilgore said...

Congrats on your book publishing anniversary!!

Kyndra Hatch said...

Happy Anniversary! That's awesome. :) What I've learned about Maddie and John in your post is very intriguing!

KM Fawcett said...

One person can really change another person's life.
Happy Book Anniversary!

PJ DEAN said...

Happy Year One! Glad to see that the seemingly unstable loner found the patient soul in the book. It does happen in the book world. Successfully. Let them stay together.

Veronica Scott said...

Sounds like a lovely story from your description! Happy Year One indeed!

Anna Hackett said...

I love that it wasn't supposed to be a romance but John had other ideas! Happy Year One!

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