Thursday, September 25, 2014

Upcoming works

Good day, everyone! Hope the week has been good to you. I work for an inbound customer service call center for a cell phone company so I've been swamped with the iPhone 6 orders. But in the midst of all the overtime I've been getting, I have good news to report!

The third book in the Mirror series has been completed and sent to my editor! So shortly I'll have cover art and a release date to announce. I can't wait. This series has been very dear to my heart. Even though the main story of the trilogy is ending with Mirrors 3, look for short stories on the origins of the characters, starting with John.

John's story should be coming out around November. We're currently targeting the first week of December for the release of Mirrors 3 and the first book in my new series, the Amethyst Chronicles, will kick off the new year in January. Are you ready for the epic which is the final book?

Which leads to my dilemma. I have so many concept ideas for books which I need to figure out what to write next! The order of the origin stories is John, Seth and Logan, Jackson, and Mack. So I could begin the short for the twins.

I also have plans for a sequel to the romance I had come out in August, The Color of Dreams.
I had begun writing a historical pirate romance which was titled Belle of the Brawl, but I've had an idea for a wrestling story which that name would suit better for. So I need to come up with a new name for my Spanish queen and pirate captain. I am tentatively calling it the Howling Damned as a placeholder (which is the ship name).

Or I could begin the second book in the Amethyst Chronicles.

Anyone want to help me out? What would you like to see after my current line-up is released?

1. A Mirrors Beginning: Seth and Logan Brooks
2. Belle of the Brawl 
3. Howling Damned
4. Amethyst Chronicles: Croceus Poison
5. The Color of Dreams 2

Also I'm still taking ideas for the final Mirrors title. Leave me a comment here or hit me up on Facebook with a vote! Let your voice be heard!


Anonymous said...

I like "Howling Damnation"!

But the wrestling one sounds like it could also be fun.

Catrina Taylor said...

Amethyst Chronicles: Croceus Poison

JenLeigh said...

I'd have to go with Amethyst too.

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