Thursday, June 26, 2014

Adult fiction

Hope everyone stops by this blog tomorrow as I give my terrific friend and fellow sci-fi author, Pippa Jay, the blog for a new cover reveal. It's sure to be exciting.

Speaking of which, the next few months will be very interesting for me. At the beginning of June, I released a historical erotic romance, Change the Stars ( In August, I have the potential to have three books come out. The second in the Mirror series, Mirror Shattered, book one in a new sci-fi romance series, Amethyst Chronicles: Winter's Kiss, and a crime drama/erotic romance, Color of Dreams. Also, I'll have an announcement regarding print copies of Mirror Image. I'm also writing the third book in the Mirror series, Mirror Reformed, and another historical erotic romance, Belle of the Brawl.


I have prided myself in my sci-fi series being a clean, sweet romance. I wanted anyone who wanted to read to be able to without age restrictions or feeling awkward that my father has read. And as I've been promoting Change the Stars through different social media sites, I am glad I did. Even when some publishers told me Mirror Image wouldn't be a success because the one scene in it wasn't graphic in the slightest, I stuck to my guns.

I am proud of Change the Stars and I can't wait for you to read Color of Dreams. Both stories are quite graphic in nature but the more I look at other erotic books and different romance sites, the more the idea struck me. To me, nowadays erotica is a romance story centered around sex. What I wrote and will continue to write is adult fiction. The difference may be only in my head but to me, adult fiction is a story which has sex in it. I don't write sex as the focal point. It's not my style. But because there are several sex scenes in the book, it is labeled as erotica. I understand that. For marketing purposes, it may make things easier to say it's erotic but the difference is small but meaningful to me. In all walks of life, including books, sex should have meaning in my opinion. I'll never add a scene to increase word count or to do anything which is out of place.

50 Shades series is erotica. Women read that specifically for those scenes between the characters. It spawned a resurgence in BDSM which a lot of authors are currently cashing in on. There are publishers who devote a huge section of their websites to BDSM. There's certainly a market for it. I doubt I'll ever be said author but I don't look down on those who do. Good for them.

The relationship between Maddie and John in the Mirror series is very sweet and touching and a little spicy in parts in Mirror Shattered. Ember and Liam in the Amethyst Chronicles is hot even if it doesn't have highly descriptive sex. I like to think I tend to readers of all ages and needs. With me, there's a wide variety of stories to choose from.

Sci-fi. Romance. Adult. Tales of clones. Of Queens and pirates. Mobsters. Cops. And yes, each of those are different. Soon my Amazon page is going to look like a buffet. A flavor for everyone to enjoy. And let me know how much you do with a review. ;-)


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