Sunday, February 16, 2014

Science fiction romance

I was reading on a message board recently that they didn't like romance being in science fiction.

Now, I'm not one that feels like romance is a necessity in every story, regardless of genre. But this was point in fact that the poster felt like romance didn't have a place in science fiction. That's just not a train of thought that I subscribe to.

No, I don't think that romance is imperative, as I stated above. But not having a place? ...nah.

When I set out to write Mirror Image last year, I actually said that I wouldn't have a romantic component in the story. In fact, Maddie was told that she wasn't capable of falling in love, because she is a clone (rules of the clones, the book, of course, goes into further explanation). But characters grow and develop, introducing new things along the way. Maddie fell in love. I didn't expect it to happen. The original draft didn't have John Brooks or his two brothers. Including them changed the course of my story for the better.

I often feel that as an author, the characters are the ones that really write the story. I'm just a vessel. These characters take me on a ride which I do my best to translate. I've gone through rich emotional experiences with them that is the epitome of the human experience. The biggest of which is love and loss. What kind of author would I be if I left out the biggest part?

We even have a movie where robots fall in love. And that movie was moving. To say that one particular emotion doesn't belong in a genre to me is short-sighted. For me, I'll continue writing my stories with as much, or as little, romance as I want.


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